Completely Sane

Completely Sane Sid is an NPC Psycho from Borderlands 3. Sid lives in a hut at Sid's Stop, first check point on the road to Holy Broadcast Center. He wears a tinfoil hat to "keep the voices at bay".

On a more serious note: You may find ‘proof of sanity’ in the following: Your relationships with other people are of a solid, straight and consistent order. You are generally trusted by those who know you in a more than superficial manner and you have no problem trusting other You deal with your.

adjective. mentally healthy; free from mental disorder. “appears to be completely sane ”. Synonyms: rational. consistent with or based on or using reason. compos mentis, of sound mind. of sound mind, memory, and understanding; in law, competent to go to trial. .

 · Completely Sane ScienceChapter 1. There never seemed to be enough time. The Imperium of Man was a shambling husk of its former self, bloated and stagnant. It was enough to drive even a Primarch to despair, some days, not that Roboute Guilliman would ever even hint that such thoughts crossed his Interaction Count:

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